Everyday Sustainability! – Small changes that make a BIG difference

Do you find yourself wondering what you can do to make a difference and reduce your footprint on the planet? Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution was to be more sustainable, but you’re stuck on where to start?

We’ve come up with a simple list of small changes you can incorporate into your everyday routine to help the planet without sacrificing your lifestyle!

Reduce Energy Use

Electricity, water, gas – those pesky bills is probably your first thought. Consider reducing your energy usage as not only a money saver but an environmental saver too.

Here are some great places to start:

Eat Locally - Or Grow Your Own!

Most of the food we consume in Australia is transported long distances to reach our supermarkets.

Buying produce from local farmers markets or produce grown in your very own backyard is not only fresher and tastier but also reduces the emissions required to get the food to your plate.

If the supermarket is your only option, keep in touch with what produce is grown locally and what is in season. We’ve found an easy to use seasonal produce guide here.

Refuse Single Use Plastic

Single use plastics are everywhere. When you are out and about you may find yourself caught in the trap of a bottle of water here, a take-away coffee there, a drink with a plastic straw and a plastic bag from the supermarket. At home, plastic food wraps and plastic packaging is abundant. All of these are used once then sent straight to landfill. Now there are so many great alternatives to single use plastics – do your research on environmentally friendly replacement options and come prepared!

Recycle Responsibly

Recycling is fantastic, but it has to be done correctly to make a difference. Despite having the best intentions, one mistake may result in a contaminated load of recycling being sent straight to landfill. Recycling can be tricky business – but we are here to help! Get your recycling right by following our which bin guide and by taking advantage of your local recycling programs.

Consider Your Commute

Think about your daily commute and plan your journey. Do you live close enough to work to cycle instead of drive? Perhaps you have access to public transport? Or is carpooling with a friend, co-worker or family member an option? These choices will not only save you money but contributes every day to reducing your environmental emissions.

Give Nature a Helping Hand

Careless litter can make its way to our beautiful parks and forests and contaminate our waterways. Organise a beach walk or hike with a group of friends and BYO bags for picking up litter along the way. Keep your streets clean by taking a quick stroll around the block collecting up litter along the way. Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous perhaps you can try the latest eco-craze “Plogging” (picking up litter while jogging).

The team at AGC keeping their streets clean by Plogging

Are you an everyday sustainability champion? Contact us via our Facebook or Instagram page to share your ideas!

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