Top tips to your waste management at home!

This week let’s go over some basics. Which rubbish goes in which bin?

Not sure where to put your waste? Read on!

It can be a headache, it can be heartache. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

In Australia many councils have a three bin system:

Organics green lid bin

The organics bin can take a variety of green waste including garden and food waste. The following can go in this bin: lawn clippings, prunings, small branches, leaves, weeds, pet poo (free from plastic bag), shredded paper, pizza boxes, wet cardbaord and hair.

Food waste including meat, seafood, poultry, eggs and shells, tea bags and coffee grounds, fish, dairy products, bread, pasta and rice. Used paper towels and tissues can also be placed in this bin.

Recycling yellow lid bin

The recycling bin takes all large recycling items. This includes, clean paper and cardboard boxes, egg cartons, juice boxes, milk cartons, aluminium and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, empty aerosol cans, aluminium foil sheet (clean and collected into a fist sized ball), rigid plastic containers including shampoo bottles, ice cream containers and drink bottles.

NOT: Be aware that recycling items that are smaller than a business card cannot be sorted at recycling depots by sorting machines. This includes bottle caps, plastic bottle lids, jar lids - these unfortunately have to go into the general waste bin. This also means that soft plastics such as cling wrap, soft plastic food packaging such as crisps or museli bar wrappers cannot be placed into this waste stream.

General waste red lid bin (or blue in some councils)

Try and avoid this bin if you can, although it is hard! The general waste bin takes soft plastics, bubble wrap, clothing and rags, ceramics, string and rope, foam meat and food trays, polystyrene and styrofoam, kitty litter and nappies. This is where you will also need to place bottle lids and any other recycling items that are smaller than a business card size or your hand that

In SA, NSW and soon to be in QLD, there are tips where you can take polystyrene, large cardboard boxes and bottles and cans so they don’t take up room in your household council bins. On the bonus, you can get reimbursed 10 cents a bottle or can!

What about Electronics, ie old mobile phones or batteries you ask or soft plastics Electronics such as old phones and used batteries can be taken to your local Office Works. Where you are unsure where to take other items, for example old computers - try looking on this website

Soft plastic bags can be taken back to most Coles or Woollies supermarkets. Collect your soft plastics in a plastic bag and recycle them at your nearest REDcycle bin! Soft plastics include food packaging, bin bags, confectionary bags, past bags, cling wrap and plastic shopping bags.

Find the nearest drop off point near you:

For now, that’s a wrap!

*photo credit East Waste and Coles images

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