Waste Management Solutions in Schools

AGC is striving to make education on waste management and sustainable solutions more attainable within schools. This education is important to help spread awareness of the importance of proper waste management within the community, as well as the general public. AGC is providing a sound foundation in building a better future for our planet. Making waste to landfill a thing of the past, begins with educating children today on proper waste management principles.

What The Schools Can Do

Schools can create a waste management solution that is unique to them, and then educate their students on where our waste goes, how the waste can be sorted, and how this helps the environment. It is also important to encourage students to adopt some simple changes they can make in their everyday life.

What AGC Does

AGC works within the education sector across South Australia to ensure future generations are properly educated on how to create and adhere to sustainable solutions to the environmental problems we as a society are facing. As part of AGC’s services to schools our work encompasses supporting goal setting with school leaders, 3-bin systems, education flyers, bin designs, and presentations to staff, students, and parents. Forming these habits early in childhood creates learned behaviours and a norm for the next generation to make waste to landfill a thing of the past! Other services provided by AGC include compostable packaging solutions for use in the canteen, waste consulting and waste auditing services to help further the knowledge of the kind of footprint being left behind.

Easy Ways to Create Sustainable Habits in Children

Develop your own sustainable habits:

Children learn from the adults around them and tend to copy what they do. If they are being provided an array of sustainable habits to copy; for example, using the correct bins within the home or at school, they are more likely to develop these habits.

Praise based encouragement:

Teaching children how to recycle properly and providing praise, and sometimes reward, when they understand and participate in the behaviour.

Make it fun:

Children generally respond better to activities they enjoy, therefore, making waste management easy to understand and sometimes more of a game can ensure they remember and develop these habits.

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