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  • Charlie Sykes


When you are at the shops, and you remember you need to restock the cleaning supplies, what is your brand of choice? Do you go straight for the Harpic toilet cleaner or the Windex spray? But have you ever stopped to consider how harmful these products are to the environment or the workplace are? Or wonder what that eco-friendly product would be like to clean with?

If you have ever wondered this, then it is time to enter the new 'Green Age' of cleaning!

According to Sarah Aguirre, green cleaning is buying and using environmentally friendly products that are free of toxins. By using environmentally friendly, safe chemicals you can reduce the amount of waste being dumped into landfills. When purchasing green cleaning supplies look out for products that do not contain phosphates, chlorine, or artificial fragrances/colours - bonus points if the brand chooses local and sustainable ingredients. With up to 140,000 chemical contaminants found in waste water today, it's more important than ever to be more conscious of our chosen cleaning chemicals.


One of the benefits of becoming a green cleaner is that it can help reduce your workplace's carbon footprint. If you are unsure of a carbon footprint, click here for a previous blog post about it. Your carbon footprint can be reduced because fewer toxic chemicals are being used, which means that the companies can use biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Using green cleaning products in a house or workplace environment can help improve your space. Everyday chemicals are harmful to people as they often leave a lingering toxic smell, and they can cause asthma and other health issues if inhaled consistently. Therefore, unlike standard chemicals, green cleaning products are far safer and reduce these common risks, especially for children. As these products are safe for the environment, people can use them knowing that they will break down and not be bad for the soil, air or waterways.

As this is the new age of cleaning, a new market has been created for green cleaning supplies. Therefore, many new local businesses have been created and supply these products. One South Australian business that has been successful in this is a company called NOOD.


NOOD is a South Australian Company run by Anthony Wilson. Anthony’s background is from the Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna land with family ties to the Narungga and Arrente country. The company produces and supplies cleaning chemicals, bathroom products, personal care and home care products which are all environmentally friendly.

They have a commercial line where they produce bulk chemicals compared to their household line, similar to retail cleaning products. NOOD uses sustainable formulas to make their products and stand out as they use their native Australian botanicals. You can help reduce your footprint by purchasing their products as their containers are recyclable and are not made with any harmful chemicals. NOOD is a fantastic company as they produce green chemical products, but they also support and give back to the Aboriginal communities. They also have a foundation to help Aboriginal communities with the tools to become self-sufficient and economic growth.

Currently at the Australian Green Clean office, NOOD is the number one choice for cleaning products to be used.

As you can see, becoming a green cleaner is an easy and beneficial change that you can easily add to your daily life, and it is far less harmful to people's bodies and much safer for the environment. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or support local businesses after COVID-19, this just might be the change you need!


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