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The move to a more sustainable future is becoming more prominent in our society. the growing methane emissions and the increased fragility of our ecosystems that is brought on by plastic could start to be nullified by using items that are able to be reused, recycled, or are compostable. in 2018, 91% of Australian

s agreed that they were concerned about the environmental impact of plastic packaging waste. However, by June of that year, over 5 million tonnes of packaging waste was used in Australia, and only half of this was recycled.

With our lives generally being fast paced, it is quicker and easier to choose the disposable option. Making a conscious decision to make a change in lifestyle is the first step in creating better environmental health for our future. Brands like BioPak and Vegware are striving to make it easier for hospitality businesses to offer more sustainable options and make our lives outside the home eco-friendlier. For inside the home, and to help us pass habits onto the children of today, these Australians brands are just some of the amazing companies working toward making the quickest and easiest option, the more sustainable one:


With a large online presence, a physical store in Sydney, and the beginning of bringing refill

stations into selected Coles Stores, this brand strives for inclusivity and hosts 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free products. They provide a wide range of products from homewares to makeup and skincare. Their unique Bulk Fill Station helps to save on plastic waste as you can bring your clean, empty EcoStore product bottles back to refill them. Check them out at:


With six physical stores across Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast as well as an incredible online presence, Biome have been working toward a greener future since 2003. Their catalogue of products ranges from kids and baby goods to homewares. Alongside this, they have a category dubbed "slow fashion". With many brands proving to be fast fashion options, clothing that doesn't last very long, and needs to be replaced every other month, this slow fashion option is created locally and made sustainably. This brand supports other green labels and local businesses around Australia. Find their website and store locations at:


Started by an Environmental Scientist, this brand is very passionate about clearing our waterways and oceans of plastic waste. Little Eco Shop offer a wide range of products to assist with eco-living, as well as for kids and babies. This brand also provides “Eco-Bundles” which are small starter kits for different areas of home and outside living. These starter kits are a useful tool to help making transitioning to a greener lifestyle smoother and easier. Check them out here:

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