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  • Charlie Sykes


At AGC we aim to be inclusive and work together as a team and as a community. Last year we started our journey in writing our Reconciliation Action Plan to be able to learn more about our cultural heritage in Australia. As a company employing a significant workforce, we have the opportunity to educate and help others learn about our history and culture. It felt important to me to also connect with our multicultural workforce and do my small part in connecting them with the words of reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to take them on an education journey that is extremely important to us. We have many staff members from different nations calling Australia home. With this, it is important to us that we are able to upskill our staff and share our culture with them, whether they are Australian or not.

Our journey has resulted in us completing our first draft this year to Reconciliation Australia, which outlines what we want to achieve in the next two years. As an Aussie, the initial stages have surprised me and made me realise that we really do not know the history of our country as we should.

Through a cultural awareness training and speaking with Indigenous I quickly felt self aware of my lack of cultural knowledge. As I continue on this journey I've come to realise that it is about the journey and being involved to listen, learn and act. I am proud that we are taking the time, effort and that we have a great workforce who are dedicated in volunteering their time to be involved to make our company better connected to our country.

I consider that you take the time to consider being involved in completing a reconciliation action plan to see what you can achieve with your staff.

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