What's Hiding in your Carpets?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

As we near the final days of winter it's time to consider the spring clean! I know for our household and office it is a time to clean out the un-used Tupperware and the old files, move desks around and wipe down every surface to remove the winter dust!

What many people forget are their carpets and rugs! Please don't forget your carpets!

Your carpets are a hotbed of bacteria and grime with pollen, dust, spilled liquid (think of that morning coffee drip), skin cells, outside debris and dirt. It is predicted that your carpets are 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seat! Now that is something to think about, especially during a hygiene conscious world we live in with COVID-19.

Whilst a vacuum will pick up some bacteria, it does not pick up that bacteria that lives right at the bottom of your carpet. I know I am not so keen to roll around on the toilet seat, but I happily will play with the dog on the carpet! It's time to think twice.

Bacteria can live on surfaces for days, or even months, so when was the last time you got your carpets cleaned?

One way we recommend minimising the bacteria present in your carpets is by doing a twice-yearly carpet clean, but you can get away with it yearly too. Spot cleaning carpets are great for in-between cleans too, but not a deep clean!

Hiring a company to do a deep steam-cleaning,  can also be beneficial as a deep-clean reaches right down to the bottom layers of your carpet. With professional carpet cleaning, by our team at AGC, you can be assured that the carpets at your site are being cleaned to an extremely high quality.

Eliminate these carpet germs in your office today! For more information on our professional carpet cleaning services, contact us: https://www.australiangreenclean.com.au/contact-us

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19537904/eliminate-germs-your-house/

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