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There’s been a large focus lately on reusable alternatives to single-use plastics, thanks to programs like the ABC’s War on Waste, a landmark series which sparked action across the country to reduce Australia’s waste. This has led to a surge in products promoting a sustainable lifestyle through the use of reusable household items.

One such company to ride this eco wave is Seed & Sprout, a small Aussie business producing plastic-free products such as stainless-steel lunch boxes and organic canvas bags, with the goal to reduce reliance on single-use plastics. Started by Sophie Kovic, a businesswoman and mum who was wanting to find something to pack her son’s school lunch in that was kind to the environment, yet practical. When she was on the hunt for such products, she found they were either shaped too awkwardly, had too many parts, contained toxic materials, were too large for kids to carry, or didn’t fit the most basic lunch item – a sandwich.


With the tagline “Say see ya to plastic”, the company launched on Amazon in the US, and was so successful that their KickStarter campaign to bring the products to Australia was fully backed in under 48 hours. Originally aimed at children, the products have proven wildly popular with adults too, due to the surge in interest in sustainable, high-quality products. As seen on SBS, Today Australia, Gourmet Traveller, and The Design Files, the company has even caught the attention of Hollywood actress, author and environmental activist Alicia Silverstone (who you may remember from the 90’s cult hit movie Clueless), posting to social media “How cool are these eco goodies from @seedandsproutco?! I love them!!! and have been using them all - super eco and super cute!”

In the online shop, you can find bundles of products such as the Eco Starter Bundle – this includes a large canvas shopping bag, a set of stretch lids, a reusable straw, a plant fibre dish scrubber, and 5 mesh produce bags. Other bundles include the Lunch, Food Storage, Farmers Market, and Pantry, and you can also find bento lunch boxes, brush cleaning sets, stainless-steel straws and drink bottles, and the very clever clear silicone food wraps (silicone wrap options beginning at $27.00). 

In Sophie’s own words, “Knowing that I'm contributing something positive to the world is what keeps me excited about the business every day…Sometimes the commitment to a sustainable future may seem daunting. There is so much to do and we can feel so small and ineffective. But being too focused on the ideal can be the enemy of making progress in the now. That's why I want to create practical products that bridge the gap between the ideal and action. Products made for the everyday person. So please join me and the growing number of individuals making a real difference to our environment.”

You can find all of Seed & Sprout’s products online at, as well as keep up to date with their latest news, special offers and product launches via Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. So get social and Say See Ya to Plastic! 

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