SA-First Trial of Weekly Green Waste Collections

What are your thoughts if your green bin was to be collected weekly and your red-lidded bins collected fortnightly?

Starting on the 21 September 2020, a 12-month trial will occur and allow for up to 1000 residents in Holdfast Bay area – Kingston Park, Seacliff and parts of Somerton Park and North Brighton - to volunteer to take part in a trial and have their green-lid FOGO bins collected weekly and red-lid landfill bins collected fortnightly. The goal of this is to help divert food waste from landfill.

Only 26% of food waste, that is fully compostable, is currently being placed in food bins, and up to 40% of waste placed in red-lid landfill bins is food waste. However, if our food waste was instead placed inside green-lid FOGO bins, they can be turned into compost.

Incorrect use of our kerbside bins continues to present widespread problems, with contamination being the biggest issue, which costs ratepayers an extra $20 million a year.

This initiative is expected to not only reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, but also provide our very own South Australian food growers with nutrient-rich compost, create jobs and reduce landfill fees.

Once households register they will receive bin stickers, compostable bags, a weekly FOGO bin waste calendar and a kitchen caddy. Kitchen Caddy's are a great way to sort your waste in the house before your place it into your bins. Check out our previous blog post on how to get and effectively use a kitchen caddy:

If you are eligible for this trial, and would like to register, go to:

If you are not in the Holdfast Bay Area, you can still be doing your part in ensuring your waste is sorted correctly. In Australia, many councils have a three bin system, check out the image below to understand what should be placed into each of your bins!

We at AGC strongly advocate for community members doing their part to reduce waste to landfill, and we can’t wait to see the impact of this initiative in Holdfast Bay and hope other councils get on board soon!

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