Stopping Our Food Wastage

DID YOU KNOW: Over 5 million tonnes of all food waste in Australia ends up in landfill every year. This amount is enough to fill 9000 Olympic sized swimming pools!

Currently around the world, we are seeing an estimated one-third of all our food produce going to waste. While food waste is a social and humanitarian concern, it is also an environmental concern. With the recent climate change talks, it has got us thinking about the waste aspect contributing to climate change and the harm this causes to our planet.


When food is thrown out, this waste is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg - there is also the energy, time and resources that go in to growing and preparing the food. The food going into landfill and being left to rot creates methane, which is a greenhouse gas that is even more potent than carbon dioxide. To add to that, a huge 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions are coming from food waste alone. Sending it to landfill needs to be seen as a last resort option when it comes to the management of food waste.

Can we all think of one idea of food that we often waste? Is this an essential in our lives, or can we go without that big loaf of bread or packet of fresh mint that will not be used? (And often all wrapped in plastic too!)

Helpful tips to reduce Food Wastage in your home: 

  • Freezing leftover food 

  • Having leftovers for meals during the week

  • Cook all vegetables at the beginning of the week

  • Meal prepping

  • Stick to a list: do not buy unneeded food

  • Not over ordering at the restaurant

  • Buy food grown locally and in season

  • Begin composting food scraps (this can be in your own compost, or in your Council Organics bin)

  • Do smaller shops 

  • Embrace “Ugly Food” - foods that do not have the perfect shape

  • Check the pantry and fridge, and make a list before going to the shops

  • Grow your own food

If we can all begin to think critically about the food we are wasting, we can take action and make a big difference. So let’s take a stand by limiting our food waste, and rise up for climate change!

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