Not Just a Fairy-Tale

Whether it be from now having our own children, babysitting duties or just because there’s nothing better to do on a Friday night, we have all sat through (and enjoyed) a good kid’s movie. But have you noticed the ones raising the important issues? Many of our beloved characters were faced with problems much bigger than “true love” which might have seemed too far-fetched or that you might have missed.

But let’s take a look at what they have been warning us about all along:

1. Finding Nemo – the story of the cutest little fish in the ocean being captured and his father’s desperate journey to rescue him. But the whole time while you were on the edge of your seat, did you notice who you were cheering on? That you didn’t want the humans to succeed in their capture? That’s because we know when something is natural and unnatural.

2. Wall-E – a world so damaged and polluted that its inhabitants must flee onboard a spaceship. When it was first released, we almost laughed at the seemingly unrealistic view of our future. However, with rubbish even being found in some of the deepest parts of the ocean (recent discovery in Mariana Trench, 2019) maybe it’s not such a joke after all.

3. The Lorax – at the forefront of this tongue twisting tale we see the danger of a world ruled by greed and industrialism and a natural landscape that has disappeared as a result. Who can rescue the land and plant the seed? Well in this Dr Seuss favourite it is Ted Wiggins, but really, it is us. We can plant the seeds and nurture our own environment.

4. Over the Hedge – these crazy critters made us laugh until our sides hurt as they encounter mankind for the first time, but it may take some more thinking to spot the hidden environmental message. Why do they need to sneak around suburbia? Because humans destroyed their habitat. How are they still surviving? Because we throw away so much food that waste is overflowing.

So next time it’s your turn to pick for family movie night, maybe think about which movie you choose and the impact it can have for future generations. It all starts with awareness and education, no matter where it comes from!

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