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  • Charlie Sykes


Australian Green Clean are proud to be a donator of the MatchWorks’ Industry Participation Program (IPP). Charlie, our General Manager, sits on the panel assisting with the strategic direction for this program, and loves contributing to the success of job seekers.

The IPP is a Spotless Group initiative, first established in 2015, which enables South Australian businesses to support local job seekers. Most importantly, the initiative supports those who need assistance in overcoming barriers to employment. This includes:

  • Individuals have been unemployed in the long-term

  • Indigenous

  • Mature age

  • Youth

  • People with a disability

As part of the program, job seekers are provided with re-training and employment pathways including traineeships and apprenticeships.

The IPP program is supported by over 270 Spotless subcontractors and has assisted more than 400 job seekers in either entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce and/or assisting job seekers in upgrading their skills.

This program has been effective in transforming the lives of many job seekers. For example, Zach was previously struggling to financially support is family after being unemployed for several years. Zach then turned to MatchWorks’ IPP program for support as it has consequently changed his life for the better. He is now back on his feet financially and has also found a role that fits with other commitments.

At AGC we are proud to support such a great initiative and can’t wait to hear even more amazing stories on the impact this program has created for individuals.

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