How AGC are passionate about sustainability and change

Being Green is not just in our name, it’s in who we are as a company and in the culture that is cultivated across all staff. It represents an ongoing commitment to the environment and our vision of making waste to landfill a thing of the past.


Something we are very proud of is that since 2017, Australian Green Clean has helped to divert over 350,000 kilograms of waste (380 tons) materials from landfill. To put that into perspective, each rubbish truck transports 2 to 4 tons of waste, so that is up to 190 full trucks!

Incredible diversion of waste from landfill is not all we have been up to. Over the past year we have also cracked down on our own office waste, and now have a 6-bin system implemented in our head office. The bins have helped us divert approximately 95% of office waste from landfill into the correct recycling channels.


On top of these achievements and upholding our strong commitment to sustainability and the environment we have had a solar system since 2017. Our 14.52 kW office solar system (comprising of 44 panels) has been working hard this financial year, leading to us producing 8047.84 more kWh than we need, creating green power not only for us, but also for the grid!

We feel that this is something to celebrate, as the average household utilises approximately 10 kWh per day (this does vary). Through utilising this 10-kWh stat we can say that we have been able to provide 2.2 ENTIRE houses with green power for an entire year just from our office roof!!!

This is just a taste of what all of us can do. We plan to continually get better through innovation, communication and teamwork, with our vision of making waste to landfill a thing of the past always a key focus!

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