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It’s waste time! I know this is your favourite part of the week – so this week it is all about reflection! This month I have endeavored to be involved in #plasticfreejuly. For those of you who aren't on top of the hot hash tag right now, it's now a world wide campaign for people to have a go at avoiding using single use plastics for a month. We don't often reflect and consider how much plastic we actually use, however now I'm into this challenge I've realised I use soft plastics everyday by wrapping my sandwich in cling wrap! This has now stopped!

So what is single use plastic?

As its name suggests, single use plastics are only used once before they are thrown away. This includes items such as plastic shopping bags, straws, cling wrap and most food packaging. All of these items have to go into your landfill bin rather than your recycling bin! Single use plastics are non-biodegradable and are often showcased in images of plastic filled oceans.  

Consider every time you go to your local shops how many single use plastic items you use to handle food ie green beans, or how many items you buy from the shops with single use packaging ie packets of chips. The challenge is a great awareness of how much plastic we actually use! 

Hot tips to give #plasticfreejuly a go:

  1. Always bring your shopping bag! REUSE REUSE REUSE 

  2. Rather than always purchasing meat from the pre-packaged area, head to the deli or your butcher. Ask them to place your meet or fish into a paper bag or even better bring your own container! Most places are happy to grant your wish. My butcher has done it all week for me! 

  3. Carry a drink bottle around with you to avoid purchasing pre-packaged  drinks. This is good for the environment and often your health :)  

  4. Invest in a reusable coffee cup! It might cost you $10 - $15 for a reusable cup, however think about the plastic you are saving, and  most cafes offer discounts on your coffee if you provide your own cup!

  5. Re-use your vege bags or better yet bring your own cloth ones. When you forget your vege bags, rather than ripping another one off just place your veggies in your bag and give them a good wash when you get home 

  6. Look for items in the shops that have been made out of recycling materials – you might be surprised, there are companies making your average cleaning spray in a completely twice recycled bottle 

  7. Head to the central markets or farmers markets – buy fresh from the source and avoid pre-packaged items 

If you’re keen to join the challenge check it out here:

It’s all free! Get involved !

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