Our Goal

To be Australia's leading sustainable cleaning and waste management company


Our vision is to make waste to landfill a thing of the past! We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver sustainable, reliable, quality and affordable cleaning and waste management services to clients throughout Australia. In doing so, we are limiting waste going to landfill and toxic chemicals being used throughout Australia.


Our business has been operating for over 30 years and showcases a bright portfolio of clients that includes major festivals, events, education institutions, stadiums and venues as well as commercial properties throughout Australia.


We have grown rapidly through our ability to provide the highest quality of service to clients time and time again which our clients truly value. We work very hard on delivering above what we promise and making it happen.​

Commercial Cleaning

We provide cleaning services to the following sectors: 

  • Government

  • Health

  • Commercial

  • Education

Event Cleaning 

We provide cleaning and waste management services to:

  • Events and Festivals

  • Stadiums 

  • Venues

  • Outdoor Parks

Waste Management

We provide waste management services including:

  • Waste Consulting

  • Waste Management Solutions

  • Our unique Green Loop Program ™

  • Bin Hoods - Hire & Purchase

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Ad Hoc

We have our own internal, dedicated cleaning team to provide 24/7 ad hoc periodical cleaning, this includes:

  • Deep cleaning & sanitising

  • Floor scrubbing & repair

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Building cleans


The cleaners on the ground and the communication from management is amazing. They go to so much effort and will always put in the extra yards to make sure things get done.

Responsiveness, the quality of advice, and the breadth of advice is excellent. If we send out an email, we will always get a prompt response from Charlie or someone else there; they've always been incredibly nice people to deal with, in addition to being very hands on and passionate.

We certainly have had lots of people approach us wanting to quote us for different services and I always say they're wasting their time. We have trust in the people we work with at AGC and that is something that can't be bought.


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