Welcoming Nala!

To all of those who have been awaiting the name of our Tasmanian Devil from @devils@cradle, we are thrilled to announce that after many outstanding suggestions by our valued staff, we have decided on the name Nala.

Not only does the name Nala sound incredibly cute, but it has a much deeper meaning with extreme historic importance. The name Nala, which means Earth, originates from Palawa Kani, a constructed Aboriginal Tasmanian language created with the intention of reviving the language spoken by the extinct native Aboriginal Tasmanians.

In 1905, the final native speaker passed away and the original language became extinct. Palawa Kani was created as a community effort to obtain as much of the original language as possible, in order to preserve the culture, and to allow future generations to speak their own language.

This holds incredible importance to the team at Australian Green Clean, as we believe in preserving the sustainability of the Earth and are dedicated to combating environmental issues such as eliminating waste to landfill. We place high importance on the sustainability and protection of our planet, and are committed to caring for the Earth and preserving it for future generations to come.

Choosing a name that stems from a native Aboriginal Tasmanian speaking language also raises awareness to the unfortunate confinement of the Tasmanian Devil to the island state of Tasmania. Although once abundant throughout Australia, the Tasmanian Devil is now indigenous to this area and is vulnerable to the threat of extinction due to an illness called Devil Facial Tumour Disease. Fortunately, captive breeding programs and wildlife conservation facilities like Devils at Cradle, are assisting in saving the species from extinction by keeping them out of the wild and away from potential threats.

How can we help?

We can all help to save the Tasmanian Devil by adopting a devil from Devils at Cradle for a tiny $50 per year or as a corporate gift, you can even sponsor an animal. Adopting a Tasmanian Devil means you will be committing to a remarkably worthwhile cause and is a special, significant experience.

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