Strawberry Sabotage has dominated the news this week, with truckloads of fruit produce being wasted due to contamination of needles! Whilst we have been devastated by the produce waste we have some top 3 biggest fruits ever!

Here’s a look into the bigger and brighter side of the fruit and veg world.

The biggest strawberry ever recorded in the world!

One special day, Koji Nakao, a farmer from Fukuoka in Japan, came across an unusually large strawberry in his harvest. This strawberry has weighed 250g, with an approximate height of 8cm and length of 12cm. This delight came about after multiple strawberries grew and naturally fused together to form one giant strawberry! Koji Nakao’s daughter was the first to bite into the fruit, stating it was delicious.

For the love of avos!

If you love avocados, it might be worth making a trip to sunny Queensland. ‘Avozillas’ are 5 times the size of a typical avocado, weighing in at an average of 1.2kg. This variety was bred and originated in South Africa, though the Groves family began harvesting this crop on their farm in Bungundarra, in Central Queensland earlier this year. Both a novelty and a blessing to the avocado lovers in this world, the largest avozilla found so far has been recorded at nearly 1.8kg! That’s a lot of smashed avo on toast!

A whopping watermelon!

The world’s largest watermelon recorded to date was weighed in 2013 at 350.5lbs or 159kg! This is about as heavy as two large male red kangaroos! Grown by Chris Kent, from Sevierville in Tennessee, this whopping watermelon blew his previous record out of the water (watermelon grown in 2010 at 132kg). Although not as sweet as the typical watermelon, this one's a beauty!

It’s not all bad in the fruit and veg world, there are big things happening all around the globe!

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