Seasonal Planting

At Australian Green Clean we believe in a circular economy, and a seasonal gardening is a wonderful example of this. Each season new vegetables and plants grow in changing weather. The best way to get the most out of growing vegetables and plants is knowing what weather the plants like to grow in and how best to maintain them.

The last couple of months the AGC team have been comparing notes on their vegetable patches and what they've been cooking. We've seen examples of eggplant parmigiana, vegetable curries, seasonal salads and pies.

One of the major benefits of home grown produce includes cooking with the freshest vegetables, going from paddock to plate, and not having to head to the shops!

Many of our clients also have community gardens within their spaces to teach children on the origins of food. The benefits of teaching children where vegetables come from, how to look after plants and help them grow provides major lifelong learning.

This month Charlie our General Manager spent time with her nephews teaching them about cherry tomatoes that she grew over summer and how they thrive in the sun.

Veggies to plant this winter:

- beetroot

- carrots

- spinach

- asparagus

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