KitKats Packaging Change to "Give the Planet a Break"

KitKat recently commissioned a study which found that:

  • 80% of Australians want to recycle, but nearly half of the population do not know how to recycle properly.

  • 1 in 4 people do not know that they can recycle soft plastics.

  • 17% are unaware that soft plastics needs to be separated from other household recycling.

  • 20% of volume of household rubbish bins consist of recyclable soft plastics which ultimately end up in landfill.

Following KitKat’s realisation of this, the brand is now temporarily changing the front of its packaging to include a recycling symbol. This is part of KitKat’s new initiative and campaign, "Give the Planet a Break", which aims to encourage and educate Australians to recycle correctly.

By KitKat temporarily changing its logo and packaging, the brand aims to use their packaging as a reminder to Australians to recycle wrappers at REDcycle collection bins, located in most major supermarkets.

In Australia, soft plastic packaging cannot be recycled through most kerbside recycling services. But, they can be recycled through REDcycle bins, which means it's kept out of landfill. The REDcycle program makes it easy for you to recycle your soft plastics, simply gather together all your soft plastics and drop them into a collection bin at a participating supermarket (remember: if it is a soft plastic and can be scrunched, it can be placed into a REDcycle bin).

Chris O’Donnell, the General Manager at Nestlé Confectionery, mentions that by the brand placing good reminders, embedded within their packaging, this can go a long way in helping Australians recycle soft plastics. We at AGC strongly agree with this as it enables soft plastics to be diverted from landfill and instead recycled into valuable resources, aligning with our vision.

Next time you visit a supermarket look out for these bins; bring your soft-plastics with you and recycle them in the designated REDcylce bins.

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