FYRE - Burnt to Ashes!

The Fyre Festival, what a disaster of an event! If you haven't heard of the Fyre Festival, then prepared to be amazed! This week we look at how a music festival can go so terribly wrong and how important it is to consider your cleaning and waste management! If you don’t have the time to watch an absolute disaster unfold before your eyes for 97 minutes, then read on for our quick recap of the infamous disaster of the Fyre Festival! Checkout the Netflix trailer below that gives a taste of the event!

In 2017, American rapper Ja Rule and New York entrepreneur Billy McFarland came up with the idea of organising a “luxury music festival” with the intent of promoting the Fyre music booking app. It was scheduled to take place in July 2017, on a luxurious island in the Bahamas. The festival was an absolute disaster with no waste management, toilets, campsites, sleeping arrangements, food or structures in place for the thousands of people who had paid to attend the event. Rather than cancel the event, the organisers allowed thousands of people to turn up to the 'luxurious island' with no where to stay or eat!

We dived in and had a look at some key areas of event management that the event owners tried to pull off, and failed miserably.

Research. The organisers didn’t do enough research on the realities of organising a festival at such a large scale and even when experts in the festival field were consulted, the advice was ignored. Logistics of food, waste, structures and overall organisation of an event is extremely important! Often cleaning and waste management is left to last minute, although many music festivals are hosted in our beautiful environment! Waste management, toilet cleaning and overall site cleanliness can be a disaster for a festival especially with social media so rife in our society! Never forget, you can never have too many toilets! Whatever you do, don't under do the number of toilets needed on site for thousands of people!

Marketing. The marketing campaign for this festival made a huge statement! Before any logistics, investment or organisation had taken place, the event owners had hired supermodels and many influencers to promote the event and this alone allowed them to sell more than 90% of the tickets in less than 24 hours after first release. It is rightly said “marketing is everything", but if you don’t deliver, then that “everything” can turn into your worst nightmare”. Social media can also be your worst enemy when everything goes wrong!

No bins? Think again!

Location. A ‘luxury music festival’ on an Island’ – as great as that sounds, it is quite a logistical night mare. The management proved highly disorganised when it came to picking the right location for its attendees. Some of the hardest challenges when it comes to location, is the management of waste. In regional or secluded areas such as an island, it seems obvious to us that waste management should be a priority but often it is not. The island was covered with pallets, waste bins and plastic wrapping that blew into the oceans. Not only is it upsetting to see waste sprawled across our environment, but there are some simple solutions and some awesome environmental outcomes that we can aim for to have sustainable events across the world!

If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and watch the Fyre Festival documentary on a life lesson on how NOT to run an event!

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