Say No To the Straw!

This week there has been some exciting news in the waste world!

American franchise, Starbucks Coffee declared they would remove straws in all global stores by 2020! Starbucks will offer recyclable straw-less lids and alternative material straws, such as paper or compostable straws, in an attempt to reduce ocean waste. Starbucks has more than 28,000 stores across the world and generates $30 billion (AUD)! This is one massive company who have now this week become the largest retailer to take the pledge to eliminate straws.  The great news is, many other companies such as McDonalds are being targeted and questioned to what steps they are taking to be environmentally aware and when they will take similar steps.

Australians alone use up to 10 million straws per day!! That's over 3 billion straws per year! To put it in perspective approximately half the population are using a straw a day. A straw a day!!! The good news is, locally in Australia there are many companies and restaurants beginning to make changes.  

The Adelaide City Council announced this week that they will ban the use of straws at any council run event, if the scheme is accepted we’ll see this policy rolled out in January 2019! This is great for our staff, as straws are definitely a pain! Similarly this week SA coffee chain Cibo Espresso also launched their new coffee cup recycling scheme.  When you purchase any take away coffee cup from Cibo Espresso if you keep the cup and bring it back you can place it a bright red tube in any SA store. The cups will then be taken away and recycled!  

Next time you're having a drink, consider whether you can draw the straw and go straw free or choose an environmentally friendly coffee shop or eatery!

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