Crazy for the Tassie Devil!

As you may have already seen across the socials, Australian Green Clean has decided to sponsor a Tasmanian Devil from Devils@Cradle. We are extremely excited to announce our little joey's name soon!!

Due to our newest member of the AGC family, it is only right for this week’s blog to be all about the Tasmanian Devil. So, strap yourselves in, it’s time for DEVIL FACTS!

Back in 1954, the Looney Tunes show introduced a new character; the Tasmanian Devil (Taz). Taz was described as a ‘strong murderous beast’ with ‘jaws as strong as a steel trap’ that would devour any beast, from the largest lions to the smallest rabbits. From here on, many people believed this description to be true of the Tasmanian Devil itself, and even though Taz was portrayed as a non-vicious character at times, his original ‘dumb and vicious’ persona stuck with audiences. 

So, are Tassie Devils really this vicious and scary? The answer is a big NO!!!

The Tasmanian Devil got its name from early European settlers who on arrival heard the unearthly ‘devil-like’ screeches of the animal. Even though the Devil has impressive teeth and can look scary, this display is only out of fear and uncertainty, rather than aggression. 

The devil is extremely impressive though and is the World’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial and is not an animal that regularly attacks humans; those living in captivity are fairly ‘cuddly’. It’s pretty small too, weighing in at only around 12Kg for a big male and only stands about 30cm high (the size of a cute puppy!

Now, time for some DEVIL FACTS!

Did you know? The Tasmanian devil has a bite as strong as a dog that is 4 times its size (a 10KG devil can have up to a 40Kg Bite)!

Did you know? Around 40 babies are born per devil per period, but only 4 can survive in the pouch.

Did you know? The devil uses its large whiskers to ensure that they are at a safe distance (not in biting range) from other devils when feeding as a group.

Did you know? Since the discovery of DFTD, sighting of devils has reduced by approximately 80%

Did you know? Tasmanian Devils can travel up to 16Km in one night 

We look forward to introducing our little joey to you soon!

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