Battling our Bushfires - How to Support

In Australia it has been considered one of the hottest summers on record. The big topic capturing global news headlines are the bushfires currently devastating our country. Dire food & water shortages as well as serious habitat loss are contributing to the “hastening extinction” of some of our most vulnerable species. With our love the environment and animals this is devastating for all of us at AGC.

As the fires continue and their range extending, the native wildlife perishing in their path has become part of a “monstrous event”. University of Sydney scientist, Professor Chris Dickman has revised that an estimate of the number of animals killed in the bushfires in NSW itself, would be close to more than 800 million animals.

Locally, Kangaroo Island has been heavily impacted with 155,000 hectares devastated, which accounts for approximately one third of the island. It is home to a variety of wildlife species such as kangaroos, koalas, sugar gliders and endangered mouse-like marsupial, the Kangaroo Island Dunnart.

At Australian Green Clean we are always looking for ways to support our environment and local communities. We encourage everyone to participate in helping to protect animals that have suffered within the bushfires and to always protect animals that are close to extinction.

If you are looking to donate in South Australia consider local organisations such as Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Funds, Foodbank SA, Hanson Bay Wildlife and Koala sanctuary and the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park Fund in supporting the rescued wildlife creatures in recovering and achieving the resources required. 

It's also great to support local communities and continue to visit these places across Australia!

Check out the below links for further information on these organisations:

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