AGC continue to support 240 staff members during COVID

The last six weeks has been a whirlwind for AGC. With events cancelled indefinitely across the company and many commercial clients working from home, we are seeing challenges across our business. We are devastated by the health concerns this virus causes as well as the economic impact that we are seeing, immediately that was seen for our events entity.

Whilst we have been hit hard by this Pandemic, we do have some things to be grateful for. Currently we are still fully employing all of our PPT and FT cleaners to the best of our ability sharing work loads and cleaning opportunities across the cohort. This means that we still have 240 staff employed with us in South Australia. We are doing our absolute best to look after all of our staff during these times, something we have always been proud of.

With cleaning being an essential area of work we have also been able to leverage our opportunities during this environment with many clients increasing their cleaning frequency to keep their own employees in a safe and hygienic environment. This is a time that we are seeing loyalty and dedication from our clients, which is helping us immensely. Many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years and this support is shown during these testing times.

We are learning how to adapt and change to meet our clients needs during these times as well, something we know is always extremely important.

To help combat the virus we are ensuring our cleaners are taking personal hygiene to the next level, washing hands multiple times before and after completing a shift, wearing correct PPE and also ensuring they are practicing social distance measures whilst at work and at home.

We have also been able to maintain a consistent supply of consumables for our clients including cleaning products and consumables (toilet paper and hand towel) to ensure we are managing and predicting any short supply.

These are unprecedented times and we continue to adapt and change as best we can as a company.

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