5 ways to have a green christmas

As we all know that it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”. Be that as it may, except if it's a green Christmas you're arranging, its likewise the most inefficient and customer driven time. Australians are expected to spend about $10 billion on food over the Christmas period, but a surprising 35% will be wasted and end up as landfill (ABC news). From wasteful purchases and non-recyclable wrapping paper to disposable party products and high power charges, the Christmas season can incur significant damage to the environment.  

Use recyclable gift wraps and hand made cards: Did you know that many of the Christmas wrapping is not recyclable, it is better to use the wraps which can be recycled? try to make your own gift wrap and Christmas cards. 

Say NO to Disposables: Rather than utilizing disposable glasses and plastic product for Christmas parties, utilize dishes and fabric napkin. They are reusable, as well as you can get that from a nearby market, second-hand market or even garage sales.     

Save Energy:  Try not to leave your Christmas lights on throughout the day. Rather, you can buy and set a timer, or you can basically turn them on at sunset. Moreover, new LED and other low-vitality Christmas lights are now affordable and about each store will have them in stock. Or better yet, check out solar christmas lights!

Shop local this Christmas: support the artists and craft persons in your neighbourhood by buying Christmas decoration from them. This will reduce your emissions and support a sustainable local economy at the same time.

Donate: This year, start your holidays by donating all the unused clothes to the local charity or salvation army. There are many children who does not get any gifts for Christmas. Even after the holidays you can donate the cloths or products that were replaced by new gifts.

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