This week's topic: Organics!

Hi Everyone,


Each week I am going to write up a post about waste with a weekly theme – I know you are just quivering with excitement!!


To start us off this week’s theme is ORGANICS!!!


Organics is the ultimate waste stream!! Organic waste in South Australia are sent to Jeffries Organics in Wingfield.

Both Suez and Veolia have partnerships with Jeffries to make sure all organic waste bins are sent there so all of

our clients green waste is well looked after.



When organic waste is sent to landfill it actually emits methane gas, which is extremely bad for the atmosphere.

Around 90% of greenhouse gas emissions from landfills come from the breakdown of organic matter, such as

food scraps. Organic waste should not be sent to landfill so avoid putting it in the red bin! On average Australians discard up to 20% of food they purchase and up to 40% of the household bin is food!! For the average  Australian household $1,036.00 of food is thrown away every year. This is a lot of food!

  • Pizza boxes with food scraps– yes I know! What!

  • Compostable packaging – make sure you ask your barista if the
    take away coffee cup is compostable, at an event or festival ask
    the stall holder.

  • Tissues

  • Animal droppings (yes your doggie poo)

  • WET PAPER TOWEL (please note this for the kitchen bins in the office)

  • All food waste

  • All garden waste (plants, branches)

*Please note that an organic bin must have a compostable bin liner! If you

have to re-line the kitchen bin or your green bin at home, please keep this in

mind. Putting green waste into a normal bin bag defeats the point and

contaminates the whole bin.


I look forward to us becoming WASTE WARRIORS together! Make sure you pass

on any information to your families, house mates etc. I tell my house mates fun waste

facts all the time – you can too!!

Can organic waste
go to landfill?

So what can go in

the organics bin?